Modern Wedding Rings: A New Twist on a Classic

Everyone knows that the classic wedding ring is a plain gold band. While this was fine for your parents, don’t you want to think a little more outside the box for your own wedding? Consider modern wedding bands to make a bold, unique statement about your love. Modern styles have an understated simplicity, perfect for both men and women.

The Band
If you are a gentleman who remembers shopping for an engagement ring, or a jewelry-savvy woman, you know that there are lots of band styles. For example, the band might take on an antique look with a brushed finish. Or, you can choose a more ornate option with elaborate knot work or floral designs.

All are great choices, but modern jewelry is about simpler bands. These bands might be plain, or with a few understated embellishments. Think subtle beadwork on the edges. Or beveled edges and settings.

Modern styles also incorporate bolder looks. Square wedding bands are a surprising touch. You can also take advantage of rings with elaborate grooves and carvings for an attention-grabbing piece of jewelry.

Say it with Diamonds
Diamonds aren’t just for the engagement ring anymore. Think about incorporating this stone to make that wedding ring sparkle. And diamonds aren’t just for the ladies, either!

There are plenty unisex, modern wedding band options that feature diamonds.

A beautiful modern setting will have the stones inlaid into the bands, rather than rising up in a prong. You can feature a few round diamonds in channel settings around the band, for a breathtaking ring. Modern rings can showcase fun, alternating finishes and textures to truly highlight the beauty of diamonds.

The great thing about modern styles is that they can be stylish without looking flashy. Perfect for a guy who thinks he might get teased at work for sporting a few diamonds on his wedding band.

Finishing Touches
If there is one thing that modern styles have fun with, it’s the finish of the ring. Rings that have the normal, glossy finish are certainly pretty. But now you have lots of other options! For example, you can choose a satin finish. This showcases the glint of diamond beautifully, because it has more of a subdued shine. Also, metals with a matte finish look sleek, and hold embellishments beautifully.

For even more striking and unusual options, consider a hammered or sandblasted finish. These finishes have more textured looks. Plus, you’ll love how they feel!

Now that you have these things in mind, you’re ready to start shopping. A modern wedding ring is a unique expression of your love. Just remember to choose a meaningful engraved message on the inside. This is one classic touch that should never be forgotten!

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