The Art of Handmade Wedding Bands


The big day is quickly approaching – and you just haven’t found the wedding bands of your dreams yet. You want wedding bands that are a true testament to you and your sweetheart’s love, not just more mass-produced rings. In fact, you want something as unique and different as you and your partner!

If you haven’t yet considered handmade wedding bands, then consider yourself in for a treat: handmade wedding bands are the ultimate rings to give your wedding ceremony the unique touch that you’ll remember forever. In fact, many couples are eschewing simple wedding rings in favor of unique and perfect wedding bands, all of which are customized to their exact specifications by an expert jeweler.

Whether you want a touching inscription on your band or love the look of braided wedding bands, we’re sure that you’ve wondered how these gorgeous pieces of jewelry are made. Well, wonder no longer – has the goods on how these handmade wedding bands are made!

Hand-made Braided Wedding Band

Braided Wedding Bands. Braided wedding bands are a singular style that combines expert craftsmanship with a seamless style, giving your band the appearance of flowing on and on – just like your love for your sweetheart! In addition to being distinctive and unique, handmade braided wedding bands are extremely durable thanks to the involved used to make them. An expert jeweler will meld and braid together multiple pieces of precious metal, then torch-fuse the ends of the ring together to create a seamless braided appearance.

Hand Engraved Wedding Band

Hand-Engraved Wedding Bands. Many modern couples choose to have their wedding bands engraved with a meaningful inscription. From the date of their wedding to a loving quote that reminds them of each other, hand-engraved wedding bands are a perfect choice for the couple who loves a personal touch. Most jewelers will be able to engrave your inscription using a special engraving machine; however, if they cannot, ask for the same of a nearby recommended engraver. The cost will usually depend upon the number of characters in the inscription and your desired font. Additionally, hand engraving will cost considerably more than machine engraving.

Celtic Wedding Band

Celtic Weddings Bands. For those of Irish and Scottish ancestry, the Celtic wedding band provides you and your loved one with the perfect opportunity to celebrate your heritage while declaring your union to the world. Like with braided wedding bands, customized Celtic wedding bands are made by hand using a unique blend of metal weaving and torch-fusing, which allows the craftsperson to create the instantly recognizable Celtic patterns that are so well-known and loved.

Hand-made Antique Wedding Band

Antique Wedding Bands. In order to make a replica antique wedding band, you’ll need to provide your jeweler or craftsman with a picture of the exact ring period you want; for example, if you love the appearance of turn-of-the-century wedding bands, then provide your jeweler with a photo of a art deco band setting. The jeweler will use the same technological processes used to create modern jewelry; however, they’ll design your wedding bands so that they are exact replicas of your favorite antique wedding bands.

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