Little Known Tips For Wedding Ring Shopping

Face it: when it comes to wedding ring shopping, you haven’t really focused on that little band that follows the engagement ring.  But think about it this way: you and your future hubby will be wearing your wedding bands for the rest of your lives together.  You don’t want to leave wedding ring shopping up to chance – especially when that magical little band is meant to last you forever!

That’s why it’s important for you to approach wedding ring shopping with these advanced techniques in mind:

Think of the Future

You may have your heart set on a certain trend, or want to find a wedding band that exactly matches your trendy engagement ring.  But before you make that purchase, give yourself the 20-year test.  Will you really be wearing that wedding band in two decades, or will it look outdated?  If you have a suspicion that your band will look too “dated” in a few years, it’s best to put it aside in favor of a more classic piece.

Know When to Size Yourself

Your finger size will fluctuate throughout the course of the day.  Therefore, you’ll want to ensure your final fitting takes place at the end of the day.  If you go in the morning, you could risk getting an inaccurate size, as your fingers retain fluid from the previous evening.  Finally, never size your finger when you just finished exercising, or when you’re hot or cold.

Consider Wedding Ring Insurance

Throughout the course of your life, it stands to reason that you’ll encounter scenarios where you could potentially lose your wedding ring.  Therefore, you might consider it worthwhile to purchase wedding ring insurance.  Wedding ring insurance policies are relatively cheap, and guarantee that you’ll be able to replace your wedding band should it become lost or stolen.

More Things You Need to Know About Your Wedding Ring

In addition to these wedding ring shopping techniques, you may want to consider having your jeweler show you how to clean your wedding ring.  In addition to cleaning, you’ll want to identify a place in your apartment or household where you can keep your ring.  If you need to take your wedding band off, always put it in this spot.  It’ll decrease the chances that you’ll end up losing your most favorite piece of jewelry.

Use these little known ring shopping tips to find – and keep – the wedding band of your dreams!

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