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The History and Traditions of Irish Wedding Rings

Irish wedding rings are a symbol of love and commitment, incorporating unique designs such as knots and milgrain braids. They signify the union of two people in a lifelong relationship.

Styles vary from traditional to modern, but Irish wedding rings all have one thing in common: they represent an everlasting bond between two lovers.

The earliest Irish wedding rings were first worn by Celtic tribes who lived on the island of Ireland before the Romans invaded in the 1st century AD.

The Celts believed that wearing the ring would protect them against evil spirits. It was also customary for men to wear rings on their right hand while women wore theirs on their left.

Celtic Wedding Rings are now commonly used around the world, with many couples choosing to get married in Ireland or England because of its rich history and tradition.

History Of Irish Wedding Rings

In the early centuries, Celtic warriors wore a simple band made out of gold, silver or bronze. This type of wedding ring is known as a plain wedding ring. However, during the Middle Ages, the design became more ornate. Men began to wear a single ring incorporating symbols of strength and power. These symbols included crosses, swords, and shields. Women’s Celtic wedding bands usually consist of a circle or oval shape with a cross.

In the 16th century, the Tudor dynasty introduced new jewelry trends into Britain. One of these trends was the use of diamonds. As a result, diamond wedding rings became popular among wealthy brides. During this period, the Irish also adopted the trend. However, instead of using diamonds, they chose to incorporate pearls and other precious stones.

During the 17th century, Queen Elizabeth I banned the wearing of any kind of metal rings on the hands of men. She felt that the practice was too similar to the Catholic Church’s prohibition of marriage without a priest present. In addition, she thought that metal rings could be dangerous if worn by soldiers.

However, the ban did not apply to women. Thus, they continued to wear their wedding bands. After the ban, men started wearing plain wedding rings again.

Modern Irish Wedding Rings

Today, Irish Wedding Rings come in various shapes and sizes. Some are designed to fit over the knuckle while others are flat and circular.

  • Claddagh wedding rings are another style of Irish Wedding Ring that has become very popular. They consist of three interlocking circles – a heart, crown and knot. Each symbolizes something different. The heart represents friendship; the crown stands for loyalty and the knot signifies love.

  • Celtic knot wedding bands are another popular choice for today’s couples. They are often combined with Celtic knot pendants. These pendants can either hang around the neck or be attached to the wedding ring itself. Celtic wedding rings are available in both sterling silver and 14-karat white gold.

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