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Palladium / Palladium 950
Learn About the Palladium Jewelry


Palladium Characteristics

Palladium is the newest precious metal trend in jewelry and we’ve got it! If you want the quality of platinum without the high cost? Palladium is the answer.

It is a platinum group metal, it has a premium white color that will not fade and does not need rhodium plating. It is nickel free, tarnish resistant and more durable than white gold. It has the look of platinum, and comparable cost to gold. Most our rings are available in Palladium, except handmade designs.


Palladium alloys for jewelry manufacturing are pure, like platinum alloys used for the same. They are alloyed predominantly with other platinum group metals. The alloys consist of 95 percent palladium and are typically alloyed with ruthenium with trace amounts of other non-allergenic metals that contribute to hardness.


Like platinum, palladium wears better than white gold. Palladium jewelry has a 15 percent greater wear resistance when compared to white gold. Palladium is comparable in weight to 14-karat gold, making it very comfortable to wear even for larger pieces. 950 palladium has a specific gravity of 12.0. The specific gravity of most 14-karat white gold alloys is 12.7. With the specific gravities being almost the same, individual pieces of jewelry in 950 palladium and 14-karat white gold will weigh about the same.

Palladium and other platinum group metals are hypoallergenic. Many 14-karat white gold alloys contain nickel, an element which commonly causes allergic reactions.


Palladium is malleable making it easy to bend, form and manipulate and has little or no memory, a characteristic conducive to the setting process of gemstones.

Permanent Whiteness

Palladium jewelry does not require rhodium plating to make it white. It is naturally bright white so it doesn't turn a yellowish color with wear. At, we highly recommend Palladium Rings to our customers.

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