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Layaway Plan

You make a down payment of 15% of your order total to start. Your balance will be paid as equal installments in 6 months (10 months for orders over $2500). You won’t pay any interest or layaway fees! And your purchase will be shipped to you after last payment is completed.

When you pay down the 15%, we manufacture and put your ring in our safe. It stays there until your last payment is received. If your purchase includes a loose diamond, you set your diamond budget at the time of purchase. The last month of payments, we start looking for diamonds for your budget and send you options. When you decide on a diamond, we set the stone and ship the final ring to you. Any price difference between your set budget and the diamond you choose will be either credited or charged at the moment of final confirmation.

At any time, you can make a full payment for your entire balance.

We accept major credit card and PayPal payments for our layaway program. You can also choose to make additional payments to apply to your balance at any time.

Our 60-day hassle-free return policy applies to layaway orders as well. It starts from the date your purchase is shipped to you. Please check the details of our return policy.

If for any reason you need to cancel your order after 30 days from order date, there will be a cancellation fee equal to 15% of your order total. 2 consecutive months of non-payment may result in cancellation of the order with a fee. Cancellations done in the first 30 days will be completed without any fees.

Please call us at 800-201-3404 to place your order with the layaway plan.