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The sparkle of a diamond has always been the symbol of beauty and grace. For ages, diamonds decorated the most important treasures: from royal fortunes to elegant fingers. Every bride-to-be dreams of the gorgeous stone that will adorn her engagement ring. That’s why choosing the right diamond for your ring setting is the most crucial part of purchasing an engagement ring. Choosing the perfect diamond requires not only an extensive knowledge of diamond quality indicators, but also a familiarity with ring settings to go with the diamond you pick. With all the choices available, how can you make the right decision? provides you the most easy-to-use interface to help you with your decision. And our professional staff is always here to answer all your questions about diamond quality, ring settings, and every other jewelry related subject.

Diamonds come in a variety of shapes. Most popular diamond shape is always round cut, followed by princess cut. Although these two shapes are the best-sellers, other diamond shapes like oval, cushion, emerald, marquise etc are always great choices for the lovers of fancy cuts. A diamond’s quality is determined by the 4C’s: the specifications that show color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. Simple rule of thumb is, as the quality of each specification goes up, so does the price. This is where the cost factor comes in: Everybody who purchases a diamond has to make a compromise at one or more specification to keep their purchase under a certain budget. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get the most sparkle out of your stone. By making the right compromises and choosing the right indicator that is the most important for you, you can get your dream diamond for your setting. And remember: every loose diamond purchased from comes with a diamond certificate from GIA or IGI. When you need help, just use our diamond education page and contact us to get more information.

Our website is designed to help you choose not only the right diamond, but also the right setting for it. All engagement ring pages provide diamond information for the setting, including what size and shape diamond that particular ring can accommodate. Most styles are also available for the same shape but different size diamond, listed conveniently right under item information. If you don't see a diamond size or shape option for the ring you like, don't hesitate to contact us for more options. At we are proud to provide you the right tools to pinpoint the one setting and diamond you will be wearing for a life time.